CIMG4128 (640x480)Markus Wieser wins the Dubai Championship, pictured here in front of the Worlds Tallest Building….    the 830m high Burj Khalifa….. in the United Arab Emirates..

The first Dubai Dragon Championships took place over the weekend with 8 very competitive teams fighting it out in 6 to 10 knots of wind over 4 days of racing. This event, run by the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, was sponsored by the company building boat’s in Dubai “Premier Composite Technologies”.

CIMG4240 (640x480)

Here we see the 8 boats starting, with Markus having won the PIN end of the short line.

A number of European Sailors made the journey and enjoyed the sailing, they included Vassily Senatorov, Stefan Link, Anatology Loginov  and Henrique Anjos (who now works in Dubai). They were joined on the race course by the MD of PCT Hannes Waimer along with Henrik Witzmann who is helping Markus to get this new fleet up and running, all good news for the class.

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Top 3 Overall Results :

1). Markus Wieser 12pts. 2). Evgeni Braslavets 22pts. 3). Anatoloy Loginov 27pts.

Next event will be the First European Grade 1 event, the Cannes Grand Prix 24-28th Feb. This should be a great event organised by the Yacht Club de Cannes..  There is still time to make a late entry and join the fun……….

Higher, Faster, Longer……………   Stavros.