LaStartThe start of Race 1 for the 37 Dragons in La Baule.. Light winds, but fun, fun, fun.

The 2016 Derby Dragon began yesterday after a cancelled first day on Sunday, so the 37 teams enjoyed 2 very good light wind races. With a strong flood tide it was possible to “Lee Bow” the current off the start line which helped starboard tacking boats to clear the line. However, boats that tacked early on to port and crossed the fleet lost pressure as they neared the shore, so the big gain came from the left.  One of these “left hand side” boats was GBR 633 helmed by Ron James, crewed by his wife Julia and Ian Turnbull, who sailed really well making the most of their opportunities and won the race.

DollyGBR 633 “Feelings Flirtation” Ron James, Julia and Ian win race 1 of the Derby Dragon.

In race 2 the wind was a little more settled and it paid to start at the committee boat, tack immediately and head for the shore. This is exactly what FRA 365 “Ar Youleg” did, helmed by Christian Guyader, crewed by Gwen Chapalain and Claude Bertrac.  This experienced crew made the most of more pressure created by the land and led the fleet from start to finish.

LaBaule2A Langoustine managed to escape Sunday’s party held in La Baule, but only for a while!

Today will see at least 3 races with boats leaving the harbour at 10am. The forecast shows 15 to 20 kts, so it will be a “full on” day of racing which will match the “full on” social programme in this unique and popular town.. :-)

Higher, Faster, Longer…….     Stavros.   (GBR 789).