Despite the snow & sub-zero temperatures in Eastern Europe and generally light winds in Monaco, a number of Dragons will still “keep the faith” and turn up in this playground for the rich and famous…..  For a number of years now there has been very little wind, in fact last year we only managed one race over the three days. But Monaco is a wonderful place to visit and the Yacht Club is a colourful and romantic as the postcards illustrate….

So keep a watchful eye on my blog over the next few days Campers and I will relay all the action to you “as it happens”…  I hope you all have received the annual IDA magazine recently, which has all the latest going’s on in our second to none Keel Boat Class…..  I will also let you know if I’m able to get my 500e back that I left on a green table in the brightly lit Casino last year..  🙂

Higher, Faster, Longer…….   Raise then “All In”…….            Stavros. (NED 410).