Klaus Diederichs Wins Marblehead Trophy……

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Jamie Lea, Klaus Diederichs and Diego Negri with the fantastic Marblehead Trophy. The prestigious Marblehead Trophy was competed for by 18 top International Dragon Teams in Skovshoved, Denmark 24th-26th May and was superbly won by GBR 819 “Fever” Klaus Diederichs, Diego Negri & Jamie Lea.  Please read the full report below. Marblehead_22_report_en Many thanks Gregor for that […]

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Pedro Andrade Wins Douarnenez Grand Prix…

  DEN 410 “Out of Bounce” Pedro Andrade, Kim Andersen & Anders Bagger.  The 2nd IDA Grade 1 took place May 4th to 7th hosted by the “Society’ des Regates de Douarnenez” with 32 top teams competing in the most fantastic conditions at this popular International Sailing venue. Since it’s inauguration by the late Louis Urvois […]

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