Royal Torbay YC To Host Dragon Gold Cup 2023

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Torquay’s association with the International Dragon Class is long and illustrious with the venue hosting the 1948 Olympic Games, at which the Dragon featured, and many national and international events since. The Dragon fleet will return once again to this popular venue in 2023 for the Dragon Gold Cup, which takes place from 7 to […]

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SWE 409 Win the Coupe de L’Amitie, Cannes.

(Left) 2nd overall Karl-Gustaf Lohr, Mads & Jesper Bendix.  (Middle) Winners Jesper Stalheim, Leif & Jens Moller.  (Right) 3rd overall Martin Byrne, Adam Winklemann & John Simms. With our IDA Chairman Gerard Blanc.                                             […]

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