IDA Chairman Vasily Senatorov accepts the Grade 1 Perpetual Trophy from Sami Salomaa.

During the successful Gold Cup in Helsinki, 24,000e was pledged by a number of sailors who would like “Professional Race Management” to continue at all major regatta’s. This will include all 4 European Grade 1 events, the biannual Europeans, each Gold Cup and every World Championship. We are all very thankful for these sailors generosity.

The following Sailors have already pledged money:

Markus Brenneke, Ali Tezdiker, Otto Pohlmann, Jens Christensen, Pieter Heerema, Vasily Senatorov, Mikhail Senatorov, Victor Folgelson, Dirk Oldenburg, Jorgen Schonherr, Denis Charvo, Martin Westerdahl, Drew Peacock, Stefan Link, Charlotte Ten Wolde, Klaus Diederichs, Dirk Pramann, Dmitry Samokhin, Serge Pugachev, Jens Rathsack, Christian Einfeldt.

Hopefully, more contributions will follow throughout the rest of 2018.

In addition Helsinki Sailor and Professional Sculptor “Sami Salomaa” made a beautiful Bronze Trophy that was accepted by our Chairman, Vasily Senatorov on behalf of the IDA.  Sami had intended this magnificent piece of art work to be kept by the Gold Cup winner, Jorgen Schonherr.  However,  because this trophy is so special after so many hours of sweat, toil and skill & with Sami’s permission, Jorgen will keep it for one year, then it will become the perpetual trophy for the new Dragon Grade 1 Cup.

Sami Salomaa’s Bronze Dragon, will become the European Grade 1 Series “Overall” Trophy.

The Grade 1 series for 2019 will begin in Cannes during April, then Cascais in May, followed by Kuhlungsborn in July, then over to Palma in November. A further 2 days of “Finals” will be sailed in Palma directly after the Grade 1 where the top 20 teams of the Grade 1 series will compete for the overall title. Each team can discard one result from the 4 Grade 1 events, to give many sailors the opportunity to win this unique prize…..  🙂

The future of the Dragons looks exciting…..   Why not join the fun ?

Higher, Faster, Longer……..     Stavros.