nowayNED 412 “No Way Back” wins the 3rd race of the Dutch Open Championship in Muiden.

Day 2 of the Dutch Open Championship was delayed yesterday (Friday 8th Sept) as there were gusts in excess of 30 kts and lots of rain squalls…  So when the 37 boats did eventually set sail from the Royal Netherlands Yacht Club sailors were prepared for a very wet time…

whiteoutYes there are boats if you look closely, hidden by one of the heavy rain squalls yesterday.

The first start was met with a really heavy rain squall which shifted the wind 40 degrees to the right.. Boats that started well at the PIN end of the line were soon 400m behind as they sailed a “Banana” around the fleet 🙂 Eventually the Race Officer decided to abandon the race so 37 very wet teams returned to the starting area hoping for more favourable conditions…

AbandonedThe first race of Friday was abandoned after a rain squall which shifted the wind 40 degrees!

After a short time the 3rd race of this championship was started and NED 247 started well at the pin end and decided to cross the fleet on port. However, the wind shifted even more left this time, so boats who continued further on starboard tack off the start line made larger gains. GBR 422 helmed by Dmitry Bodarenko, NED 393 Richard Blickman and NED 412 Pieter Heerema all did well on the left to round the top mark ahead of the chasing pack.

GBR 422 took the left hand gate whilst NED 412 elected to take the right. By the time the boats next crossed it was GBR 422 who held the lead and continued to hold off NED 412 until the final upwind.. Eventually it was NED 412 with Pieter Heerema, Lars Hendriksen & Claus Olesen who took the victory, with GBR 422 2nd and GBR 803 Quentin Strauss 3rd.

body2nd in race 3 was GBR 422 Dmitry Bodarenko, Vadim Statsenko & Aleksander Shalagin.

In the overall standings after 3 races, NED 412 Pieter Heerema leads on 3pts, GBR 803 Quentin Strauss, Nigel Young & Pedro Andrade in 2nd on 9pts and NED 247 Martin Payne, Hay Winters & Richard van Rij 3rd on 16pts. Today (Sat 9th) will hopefully see at least 2 more races, but the is much lighter and guess what ?  It’s still raining……  

Higher, Faster, Longer….. (Wetter)….      Stavros.  (NED 247).

Again Thank You to Eric van der Bandt for these great photo’s taken in testing conditions..