Good Morning Camper’s…  Yes, I counted around 50 Dragons now based in Portugal at the Club Naval de Cascais, as teams recognise this is “the” place to be this winter..  With the second of five winter series weekend’s, taking place from Friday, sailors from all over Europe are making the most of the superb sailing conditions that Portugal can offer. This weekend will see temperatures of between 18 -19 degree’s and winds ranging from 8 – 25 kts, where else would you want to be..?

Indeed, I spoke with Lawrie Smith (Current World Champion) yesterday and he told me that as soon as he has recovered from his recent knee surgery, he would be down. So let’s all get in some practice before we take on the Champ..

Once your boat is safely based at this wonderful club, cheap flights can be obtained to Lisbon (if booked in advance), then cheap accommodation is available at the Hotel Baia (on the sea front overlooking the club). Once you arrive at the Club Naval very friendly staff will greet you to welcome all to this jewel in Southern Europe. Boats are moved by the staff with small tractor’s and the option of swing moorings or a marina berth is available. Copious amounts of fresh water is available to wash the boats down after the very efficient hauling out and then boats can be fully covered until the next event.

As I made yet another long drive down across France and Spain yesterday my mood was very upbeat as I anticipated the competition level of this coming weekend. Each series will see the fleet numbers grow and be harder to win ! Then after X-mas numbers will increase towards 80 or even 90 to compete in the Europeans during April… This will be the largest “festival” of Dragon Sailing the South of Europe has seen as it matches and probably passes the vast number of boats we used to have in Cannes & Palma a few years ago….

Who say’s we are in the middle of a financial crisis ? Come on, Join the Party!

Higher, Faster, Longer…………    Stavros.