RP_150408_STAVROS_3401 (640x428)My winning Match Race Team, Rui Boa and Dennis Charvoz , join me with Tim Tavinor..

Yes my fellow sailors and friends after 5 years of organising the “Stavros Match Race” event in Cascais, yesterday was my first sweet victory thanks to my multi-international crew, Rui Boia from Cascais and Dennis Charvoz from Cannes. They were the perfect mix to make all the necessary manoeuvre’s in the somewhat “heated” and nerve racking pre-starts….. What we lost in translation of words we made up for in  the volume of shouting 🙂

20150408_154213_4 (640x360)

Team “Stavros” lead Pieter Heerema back to the start line in the final Match Race !

It started with fantastic conditions which saw the 8 team “Round Robin” finished by lunchtime. The wind with gusts up to 18 kts  from the southeast tested all the crews as the waves also made pre-start judgements difficult. The winner of the round robin was Pieter Heerema who finished with 5 wins, also on 5 wins was 2014 champion Gustavo Lima. We finished with 4 wins and Ton Vernon from the UK managed to squeeze into the semi-final after recording 3 wins. Tom had the experienced Match Racer Simon Fry on board and it was great to see how this team got their act together as the competition progressed.

It was heartache for Dmitry Samokhin and his team as they were set for a certain semi-final place, only to have all hopes dashed when they collided with another boat from a different match. This resulted in penalty points which took away their chances of making it any further, a real pity…

RP_150408_STAVROS_3384 (640x428)

Pedro Andrade presents Dmitry Somokhin with some extra glasses at the Prize Giving 🙂

In the semi-finals Pieter Heerma defeated Tom Vernon 2-1. Whilst I managed to just beat Gustavo Lima 2-1. Gustavo then won the 3rd / 4th play off…

In the final Pieter Hereema out sailed me to win race 1 but in the end we managed to get the upper hand on the next 2 pre-starts to just do enough and take the title……. Happy Days….   🙂

20150408_155155_15 (640x360) (2)

Team “Stavros” take the win in the Match Race final race against Pieter Heerema in Cascais.

Higher, Faster, Longer…………………   Martin Payne…     🙂