With 7 races sailed over the 5 race day’s, Boltenhagen has been at it’s best. From our arrival to departure, everything has been organised extremely well thanks mainly to the Libor”Family” and all the helpers and volunteers at this unique venue. To be able to step from your Hotel, onto your boat, then sail out onto the race course within 15 mins is truly remarkable. So I can see why Uli Libor has chosen to host the next German Grand Prix again next year in Boltenhagen.  For the 73 boats it was a fantastic event, which has seen the main owner of North Sails, Jens Christensen, take the European title from Markus Wieser on the last day !!!

On a “Black Flag” start, Jens won the PIN and was soon able to cross the fleet, due to a 10 degree line bias. Ted Sawyer USA 310 also had a cracking start at the pin and soon split tacks with Jens midway up the first beat. But Jens went left and Ted right….  and right was wrong and left was right, following me so far ……  :-)

With a major wind shift forecast from the right, both Ted and Markus continued to cross the fleet and head right, but Jens felt the left side had more wind and won the Championship on this call. Congratulations to him and his experienced team, who won the event by 4 pts. With Markus 2nd and Douarnenez winner Efgeny Braslavetz 3rd, it really did come down to the wire in the end.

Amazingly, all three podium teams had to sail under the pressure of having a Black Flag from race one! Which just goes to show that it’s never over till it’s over….  Never give up and never say die. Special mention must also go to Olga White, the first Lady Helm who finished 7th and Ted Sawyer the oldest helm (but just 78 yrs young) who turned back the years to finish 10th overall…. He will now fly back to America and look forward to the Gold Cup……

In rounding up the event, I want to thank Fiona Brown for all of her excellent media coverage and the after race interviews, where we get a chance to find out the race winners secrets and hopefully keep you all entertained at home! Now it’s full speed to North Wales for the Edinburgh Cup which starts on Wednesday.

Following on from the Ed Cup is the German Nationals in Kuehlungsborn, where Tommy Muller has offered free Gin & Tonics for all competitors and friends, Tommy finished 4th this week so he will be keen to regain his National Title. So maybe his ploy of getting everyone drunk before sailing will help……  !!!  :-)

For the record. 1st Petticrow North Sails, 2nd & 3rd Royal Denship & Fritz Sails. 4th Petticrow & Fritz.

Higher, Faster, Longer….     Stavros.