RP_150411_KJCT_5360 (640x426)Jens Christensen DEN 414, drives his boat “Out of Bounce” down the waves in Cascais.. and moves up to 2nd place overall after 5 races, crewed by Kim Andersen & Rene Villefrance.

It was another typical Cascais day yesterday with the morning wind from the east allowing the 36 boat fleet to get one race in on the “flatter” inside course off the beaches of Estoril. Then as the wind turned and the sun became stronger the north-westerly trade wind took her grip and gave all the competitors another trilling afternoon of sailing at it’s very best !

In race 1 of the day (3 of the series), Lawrie Smith showed that he is quickly getting his new Petticrows up to speed by dominating the first beat and leading from start to finish… With Tim Tavinor and Joost Houweling the team’s tactical awareness on the right hand side of the beat was exceptional.

RP_150411_KJCT_5817 (640x428)

GBR 801 “The Wealdstone Raider” with Lawrie Smith, Tim Tavinor & Joost Houweling. Now move up to 4th place overall after 5 races….

In race 2 (4th of the series) it was all about POR 66 “Drago”, helmed by Jose’ Matoso, with Gustavo Lima and Frederico Melo. Their local knowledge and superb boat handling gave them an outstanding victory by playing the right side of the first beat, then pulling away on the downwind leg.  Gustavo told me ” It was not all about the right, but going into the right at the right time! Occasionally the left pays if the current flowing out of Lisbon gives a tidal advantage further off the land. Also the breeze sometimes dies under the cliffs, so you have to be careful not to go into far”, wise words from a great tactician.

RP_150411_KJCT_4893 (640x426)

After a 4th in race 3, Lars Hendriksen suffered a setback with an OCS in race 4, but still lies 3rd overall with Bo Selko and Frithjof Kleen..

In race 3 of the day (5 of the series), it was GBR 758 “Fever” that took the early lead, showing that the current World Champion Klaus Diederichs is really coming into some form with Jamie Lea and new crew Andrew Pelfrey. Klaus has lost his Americas Cup tactician Andy Beadsworth the to TP 52 fleet, so is having to start building a new team to defend his title in La Rochelle. As Fever tacked for the starboard lay line on the first beat, POR 66 elected to pass behind them and continue a little further. This move gave Jose’ Matoso and his team on “Drago” their second victory of the day and first place overall.

20150411_194610 (360x640) (2)

The enormous Club Naval Flag prevails over the towns of Cascais & Estoril as the sun sets!

So my friends, with a 10am start today and a further 2 races planned, it remains to be seen if Lawrie, Lars or Jens can still get back into the game, or will the Local Favourite and Club Naval Vice President Jose’ Matoso retain this magnificent Juan Carlos Trophy…..

Higher, Faster, Longer…………   surfing in Cascais…     Stavros. (POR 50).