Now that the dust has settled from such a breathtaking finish at the Gold Cup, many Dragon Teams will be slowly making their way south towards Cannes and Torbole’… The Regates Royal has always been one of the premier events in France, after Douarnenez, although this year will see the numbers drop to around 40 boats. Still a good number of participants but not the normal 60 – 80 boats seen in  past years. This is probably due to the financial climate and also Dragon Sailors being spoilt for choice, with so many events to pick from. However, with 40 boats this will still be a tough, hard fought event. Victor Fogelson will be un-covering his new Petticrow “Sunflower” and newly crowned Etchell’s National Champion, James Howells will be testing his skills as he considers moving into the Dragon Class…..

With many of the other “Usual” suspects competing, I am sure this will be another good regatta in this wonderful part of the Cote d’Azur. I will keep you updated each day as this five day event begins next Monday 24th…

Then it’s onto Lake Garda and the wonderful Torbole’…  Vincie Hoesch has single handedly built this regatta up over the last 6 yrs, from just a handful of boats to now the 50 +  boats we are expecting…  Why ?  How ? You may well ask ??  Well it’s simple..  Location, Location, Location…  With excellent winds guaranteed, stunning views, a “full-on” apre-sailing and Vincie singing each night ! Where else would you want to be 18th – 21st Oct ??  Once you have made the effort to travel and see Torbole’, you will always return….

In closing, I hope that the St Tropez event will still be well represented. But it was a Huge Mistake to move the dates from the normal 11th -14th Oct period. Both Vincie and I know why it was done, but to clash with Torbole’ will certainly lower the numbers of such a worthy and usually well attended regatta… I please ask the French Assosiation consider this next year….. ??

Higher, Faster, Longer…………    Stavros.  (GBR 767)