NED 412 George Leonchuck, Pieter Heerema & Lars Hendriksen, win the Dutch Nationals, in Muiden.

The final day of racing yesterday was started in a 7 to 12 kt breeze from around 240 degrees that moved to 260 on the first beat. Race Officer Jan Willem de Vlaming was quick to adjust the down wind gate so that the remainder of race 6 could be sailed with a perfect course. GBR 408 helmed by Dmitry Bondarenko, crewed by Aleksander Shalagin & Vadim Statsenko (who are often seen crewing on RUS 27) responded well to the right hand shift to take the lead at mark 1, just ahead of SWE 398 Karl-Gustaf Lohr and NED 412 Pieter Heerema. Indeed this also proved to be the finishing order of race 6 and with his 3rd position gave Pieter Heerema the overall Dutch National Title once again, not needing to sail the final race.

GBR 408 Vadim Statsenko, Alexander Shalagin & Dmitry Bondarenko worthy runners up taking the Silver Medals.

Race 7 was started around 1pm with a well set line, but saw too many boats pushing their luck, so recalled & re-started under a Black Flag.  With both SWE 398 & GBR 585 close together in the pre-start as they fought for the final podium place, it was eventually SWE 398 who broke loose first and made significant gains to lead at the top mark.

 Jan, Olivier & Dominic Bakker win race 7 to finish 6th overall.

At the bottom gate SWE 398 took the right mark followed by NED 422 whilst GBR 585 chose the left.. Half-way up the second beat both SWE 398 & GBR 585 were neck and neck as they came together on opposite tacks. Meanwhile NED 422 pushed deep into the left corner, hoping for a favourable shift, which finally came and saw the Bakker “Boys” (Dominic & Olivier) sailing with their father Jan win the race. SWE 398 proved too strong on the day for GBR 585 and so Karl-Gustaf Lohr with Jasper Bendix & Mads Hansen took the final podium place.

SWE 398 Karl-Gustaf Lohr takes the Bronze Medal, in front of Muiden Castle….

4th Overall GBR 585 Martin Payne, Frank Dobbels, Niklas Jansson.

5th NED 360 Mart Harmsen ter Beek, Daan Goedkoop & Bart Klinkenberg.

This was an extremely well organised Championship, both on and off the water. I would like to congratulate the young Corinthian team onboard NED 360 for their excellent top 5 position. Also a huge thank you to all the helpers and volunteers at the Royal Netherlands Sailing and Rowing Club, in particular Ferry de Vries for his endless hours of craning, trailer organisation, on the water assistance and great friendship. This event was enjoyed by all 30 teams, completing the full 7 scheduled races in sunny, warm conditions.

Higher, Faster, Longer……    Stavros.