RUS 76 Dmitry Samokhin, Aleksey Bushuev & Andrey Kirilyuk win in St Tropez..

With the “Lull” after the “Storm” there was simply insufficient wind to complete anymore racing yesterday in the Gulf of St Tropez. Try as hard as he may, Principal Race Officer Yves Leglese, was not able to squeeze in a 5th race which would have allowed for a discard in the series, therefore the results of the 4 completed races from Wednesday made up the Championship.

There was a “cut off” time of 13.30 written in the Sailing Instructions, so when the inevitable “sea breeze” did arrive it was just too late to re-set the course in time. Leaving sailors extremely frustrated to be sailing back into the harbour in a glorious warm autumn wind. Such is life….

However, earlier in the day, at around 11.00am, Race 5 was started which again saw RUS 76 lead around the top mark closely followed by GER 1140 and GBR 422. Unfortunately the breeze completely switched off halfway down the first run and the race had to be abandoned. So overall, once again, the skill of top “tactician” Andrey Kirilyuk was ever present as he guided helm Dmitry Samokhin to yet another well deserved victory, along with their “Biggest Man in Russia” 3rd crew Aleksey Bushuev :-)


Prize Giving at the Societe’ Nautique de Saint Tropez. Denis Charvos accepts the 2nd Prize on behalf of FRA 401 Gery Trentesaux, then Winners, Aleksey, Andrey & Dmitry. With (Far Right) 3rd place GER 1140 Michi Lipp, Nicola Friesen (Helm) & Vincie Hoesch.

Finishing in 2nd place, as mentioned in my previous blog was FRA 401 helmed by Gery Trentesauz. The final podium position of 3rd place went to GER 1140 helmed by Nicola Friesen who was delighted to be moved up a place as a result of SUI 311 (Hugo Stenbeck) having to count a DSQ after a slight misjudgement during a pre-start manoeuvre on Wednesday.

gulf-of-st_tropezThe Gulf of Saint Tropez, will host next year’s GOLD CUP during October for 80 to 100 boats.

In closing, I would like to thank the helpers & volunteers of the Societe’ Nautique de Saint Tropez for their excellent organisation and hospitality over the 4 days. Although we were not blessed with ideal weather this time, I am sure the 2017 Gold Cup will be a spectacular event.

Many congratulations to Dmitry RUS 76, Gery FRA 401 & Nicola GER 1140.

Higher, Faster, Longer…… Stavros.