GC-Winners2013                   The winners podium Gold Cup, UKR 8, UKR 7 & NED 412.

GOLD CUP WINNER Markus Wieser, calmly spoke about the forthcoming World Championships in Weymouth and said “The Transbunker Team’s are the Boats to Beat”…  A challenge that I know many boats from all over the world will accept, as the momentum gathers for the clash of the Titans from September 7th to 13th…

The Gazprom Gold Cup was a most fantastic six days of sailing in the beautiful bay of Douarnenez.  Teams from 19 Nations chased the Golden Chalice. 6 races No discards. With 2.5 mile upwind legs and winds that varied from dead calm to 18 kts, it was a week of boat speed, tactics and to a certain extent… luck. The luck part was not getting a Black Flag, not getting caught on the wrong side of a huge shift and from basically staying out of trouble… :-).

3 teams that got it right are pictured above (left to right) UKR 8 Evgyny Braslavets (2nd) UKR 7 Markus Wieser (1st) and NED 412 Pieter Heerema (3rd). As they proudly collected their medals and acknowledged the applause from all the fellow sailors, it was a clear victory for Transbunker, well done. Also to Pieter Heerema’s team who have worked hard all year to up their game. Congratulations also to all the helpers and volunteers from Douarnenez who made it possible for 60 Professional and 17 Corinthian Teams to participate in such a wonderful event. Lastly, not forgetting the very welcomed & necessary sponsorship from Gazprom & BMW.

However, the World Championship in Weymouth will offer those who were disappointed with their performance in DZ another opportunity to prove themselves…..and what better incentive than a clear challenge from Markus! So we welcome the Professional’s and especially the Corinthian Team’s who are still the “Backbone” of our wonderful class…

For those of you lucky enough to be joining us in Weymouth I look forward to seeing you all there, whilst for all of you other Dragon sailors out there I will do my best to bring you up to date news of the “ultimate” test..  Can GBR 785 “Alfie” helmed by Lawrie Smith, crewed by Tim Tavinor and Ossie Stewart defend their title of World Champions..  or will the Transbunker’s rule.? With the Russian force of Dmitry and Anatoloy, the Danish pair of Jorgen and Lars and the ever present “Bavarian Dream Team” Tommy, Vincie and Michi, who can pick a winner..  One thing is for sure never rule out the “Man”.. Yes Poul-Richard Hoj-Jensen will also be joining us and anyone who writes off the Man, does so at their own peril……….

Higher, Faster, Longer…………   Stavros.  (GBR 771).