43 Dragons line up in Austrian Nationals organised by the Union Yacht Club, Attersee.

It was a record attendance for the Austrian Dragon Fleet as 43 teams from 5 Nations (Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Austria) raced their state championships from 25th-28th July in Attersee.

On the first day of racing the fleet sailed in the “Rosenwind” (north-east wind) with 10kts and brilliant sunshine, ideal Dragon conditions. Race 1 was won by ITA 77 Yvgeni Braslavets, with SUI 325 Jorg Wittwer 2nd and AUT 167 Andreas Hagara from the local UYCA 3rd.  Race 2 was won by GER 1164 Markus Glas, 2nd GER 1217 Vincie Hoesch & 3rd ITA 77 Yvgeni Braslavets who now held a commanding overall lead on just 4pts.

Another clear start at the Austrian Nationals in Attersee…photo by Irene Schanda.

Unfortunately day 2 came with no wind but the sun still shone brightly and the 129 sailors prepared for an evening party to celebrate the 90th anniversary…  Day 3 saw two more races completed, again ITA 77 won race 3 with AUT 175 Peter Resch (UYCA) 2nd and GER 1217 Vincie Hoesch 3rd. 

Another photo by Irene Schanda from UYCA’s shortly after the start

Race 4 was won by AUT 204 Christoph Skolaut, who did not know at this time would turn out to be a very important victory. 2nd place was GER 1217 Vincie Hoesch & 3rd ITA 77 Yvgeni Braslavets…  Although racing was attempted on the final day, the 5th race had to be abandoned as the wind died. So the championship was decided on the 4 races, with 1 discard.

The top 3 teams on the Podium in Attersee,

1st ITA 77 Yvgeni Braslavets, Sergey Pugachev & Sergey Timokhov.

2nd GER 1217 Vincie Hoesch, Tim Tavinor & Harald Pessi.

3rd GER 1164 Markus Glas, Phillip Ocker & Herbert Enerichr.

Meanwhile the overall placings for the Austrian Teams was decided on the outcome of Race 4 as local sailor Peter Resch helming AUT 175 held a comfortable lead, only to see his advantage disappear due to a knotted sheet… thus losing several places.  His misfortune and AUT 204 race victory gave Christoph Skolaut, Georg Skolaut & Martin Lutz the Austrian State Championship and 4th place in the overall standings.

The Silver Medal went to AUT 175 Peter Resch, Wilibald Hauer & Justin Kurtz. Whilst Bronze in the State Championship went to AUT 167 Andreas Hagara, Martin Fussi, Helmut Wollner & Dietmar Gfreiner.  Very well done to all these teams…..

Higher, Faster, Longer…………    Stavros.