Those of you who watched last night’s video report from Stav will have seen Ben Van Cauwenbergh’s crew holding Ben to a bet he made with them that if the won a race in the Grand Prix Guyader Douarnenez he would shave his head. As a relatively newcomer to the fleet Ben, who was famous for his long flowing blond locks, must have thought he was on fairly safe ground when he made the bet as the calibre of teams competing this week is so high. But he is a man of his word and having won the opening race he let them cut his hair and this morning he is sporting an impressive new buzz cut as you can see from our photos below. His new haircut has also revealed the five stitches he has in a head wound received when the mast support fell on his head while packing the boat up ready to come here!   For the most part Ben looks great with his new haircut although you can see that his crew’s enthusiasm for hair dressing does rather exceed their skill as the bald patch over his left ear demonstrates.  Don’t worry Ben – it will grow back!