BMW_SKIWorld Champion, Klaus Diederichs & his Daughter Valery along with Gold Cup Winner Markus Wieser, with others, enjoy their BMW Snow & Ice Training Day in Austria.

BMW rewarded the very best Dragon Sailors of 2013 with a day in Solden, Austria driving their full range of cars on the snow and ice. Also joining in the fun were “Professionals” George Leonchuk & Vincie Hoesch and the top “Corinithians” of 2013 Jan Woortman & Philipp Ocker.

This prize day was awarded by BMW to the winners during the Worlds & Gold Cup. Each person had a chance to drive the new BMW X6 on a prepared race track to see who could record the fastest time. A great day was had by all….

Higher, Faster, Longer…………  🙂    Stavros.