DSC_8819 (640x480)Yevgeniy Braslavets, with Georgi Leonchuk & Sergey Pugachev take the lead in Bastad….

It was a long, long day at the European Championships yesterday as the sun shone and 55 boats battled their way through two excellent races in a dying breeze. Most boats left the marina at 9.30am and did not return until between 6.30pm and 7pm….  But the race management team did catch up the lost race from Monday, so now we have completed four races which validates the championship. However, three more races are planned over the next two days.

DSC_8639-720x340 (2)

Jorgen Schonherr won the first race of the day steering the entire 2hr 30min with his foot 🙂

The first race of the day was won again by top Danish Sailor Jorgen Schonherr in his “African Queen” DEN 411, crewed by Christian Videbaek and Thomas Schmidt. Although the left hand side of the beat looked favoured it was actually the boats who worked the right side of the first upwind who arrived to the top mark in great shape. In 2nd place was fellow DEN 404 Klaus Rasmussen crewed by Erik Lund and Mik Jensen closely followed by former World Champion Malte Philipp sailing with Mario Wagner and Marc Philipp. However, these back to back victories do not put “Three times Gold Cup Winner” Jorgen Schonerr in the lead as he also must count a 16th & 23rd.

20299994996_36151dae81A clear start is made by the 51 boat fleet in Bastad yesterday after 4 boats were BFG !

However, consistency is the name of the game and it was the current World Champion Yevgeniy Braslavets in UAE 7, along with his crew of Georgi Leonchuk and Sergey Pugachev, who took the championship by the horns in the second race yesterday to win by a huge margin. Again both sides of the beat worked out well for the teams that made the best starts and “hit the corners”….   Whilst the UAE 7 team came from the right, GER 1123 “Pow Wow” helmed by Michael Zankel, crewed by Pedro Andrade and Phill Blinn came from the far left after winning the pin end of the line. In the end and it was a really long race, the Pow Wow team had to settle for 3rd place behind a new PCT boat from Dubai owned and helmed by Hugo Stenbeck SUI 311 “Sophi III” who with his crew of Martin Westerdahl and Bernardo Freitas finished in 2nd place.


Hugo Stenbeck finishes 2nd place in race 4 in his new PCT Dragon “Sophie III”.

So overall after 4 races with no discard Yevgeniy UAE 7 leads on 23 points, in 2nd place on 28 points is fellow UAE 20 Hendrik Witzmann who along with Markus Koy and Theis Palm are quietly putting together another excellent series. Then right behind Hendrik is World Championship runner up RUS 76 helmed by Dmitry Samokhin who always seems to be in the mix at the top end of the fleet. GER 11 Marcus Brennecke the overnight leader, slips to 4th but is by no means out of it yet as three more races are planed and the discard will apply very soon. Then in 5th place counting his two victories and certainly needing a discard is DEN 411 Jorgen Schonherr….  so everything to play for!

Higher, Faster, Longer……………    Stavros.   (USA 310).