RP_150823_DRAGGC_9670 (640x426)“Even Better” RUS 34 Vassily Senatorov Wins Race 1 of 2015 Gold Cup.

The Borge Borresen Trophy will spend its next year in Russia proudly displayed in the house of IDA Vice Chairman Vasily Senatorov after leading the first race of the Gold Cup, with his crew Igor Ivashintsov & Alex Muzichenko, from start to finish…….(The BB Memorial Trophy was donated in 2008 by the Borresen family in memory of Borge Borresen who competed in 51 consecutive Gold Cups, winning 4 of them)!

With a wonderful forecast of 10 to 12 kts of wind from 50 to 55 degree’s the first race of the Championship got underway yesterday for the 66 competing Dragons at the very first attempt.

RP_150823_DRAGGC_0638 (640x360)

Just 20 seconds to go in the first race of the 2015 Gold Cup. Fantastic Ricardo Pinto photo.

International Race Officer Christian Haake, set a most perfect 760 metre line in Kuhlungsborn, which allowed the fleet to start with just a “P” flag so that the 3 boats (GER 1123, UAE 7 & GER 1151) who started over the line had the opportunity to return to the line to correct their mistake. As this series has no discard it is vital that every boat keeps behind the line and not risk a disqualification….

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2nd was former World Champion Lawrie Smith, with Tim Tavinor & Joost Houweling

Chasing RUS 34 all the way around the 2.4 mile 3 upwind and 2 downwind course was GBR 801 helmed by Lawrie Smith who told me “Predominately the right side was paying, as boats that tacked away to the left seem to drop back into our line behind us after they returned to the right. We also got very close to Vasily on the final beat but a 25 degree right hand shift gave him a nice angle to the finish. He thoroughly deserved his win”. Thanks Lawrie and also many congratulations to you, Tim & Joost.

RP_150823_DRAGGC_9271 (640x426)

3rd yesterday GER 1133 “Sinewave” with Tommy Muller, Vincent Hoesch & Marc Pickel

Here you see the top German Team on “Sinewave” preparing to launch their spinnaker from inside the cockpit, this is becoming ever more popular again as removing the forward hatch & inner tube saves weight, preserves the spinnaker longer and never allows the sail to end up over the bow and under the boat when dropping in a hurry 🙂 Makes sense …..

Top Corinthian boat yesterday was GER 1121 helmed by Reemt Reemtsma, crewed by his wife Petra and Lorenz Jensen. This team were always up in the top 10 boats and finished a fantastic 8th place just ahead of 2nd Corinthian GER 1151 Dr Philip Dohse (who was one of the early starters who had returned to re-start) who finished 9th. Philip and his crew of Oliver Mose and Christian Moller were very happy that they corrected their earlier mistake, Philip told me “Yes Stavros, we knew were over and were grateful it was only a “P” flag so we could make a re-start. We then managed to pull up to 35th at the first mark then gain some more on the downwind leg. We also had a brilliant last beat over-taking at least another 15 boats”.  An amazing recovery Gentlemen, well done.

RP_150823_DRAGGC_9183 (640x426)

GER 1151 “Puck IV” on their way to 9th place after being one of the early starters, what a recovery!!

3rd Corinthian was GER 1110 helmed by Norbert Ohst, crewed by Dirk David and Stefan Abel who finished 10th right behind the other two Corinthian Teams. So 3 Corinthian Crews in the top 10 of Gold Cup first race, excellent!

So finally after such an amazing sailing day on the Baltic Sea, all 66 teams returned to the Kuhlungsborn Marina to the sound of “live” music with wonderful food and drink all provided by the many sponsors. However, there is one team who will still be smiling as they wake up this morning for the next race in this 6 race series…..  The team of RUS 34…. Does it get any “Better” ?

RP_150823_DRAGGC_9832 (640x426)

The Winning Team RUS 34 on their way back to the Marina, feeling “EVEN BETTER” 🙂

Higher, Faster, Longer………    Stavros.  (On the Ebb Tide Committee Vessel)

All photos supplied by Professional RICARDO PINTO.     Thank you my friend !