20140226_182233 (640x360) (2)Cannes will be On Fire again next weekend..  So will be Cascais, we are spoilt for choice !!

Bandeira_CNC.novomastro (480x640)The Club Naval de Cascais proudly fly their club flag on the new pole outside of the Marina

So here we are fellow Dragon Sailors, just one more weekend of racing in December to go! I am told there will be around 40 boats fighting it out in Cannes for the Coupe d’Hiver 5th to 7th Dec… Whilst 20 to 30 boats will be competing in the 2nd winter series regatta in Cascais, Portugal.  It is unfortunate the two events clash this year, but a weekend later is simply getting too close to Xmas and Family Holidays, so the dates are as they are…..

I personally will be visiting Cascais next week to prepare two of my boats for the winter, but then flying across to Nice on Thursday to compete in the Cannes event. This will be my 32nd regatta of the year (with all that practice you would think I should be better 🙂 and I hope you have all enjoyed my blog’s in which I have tried to keep you all entertained but also up to date with everything that goes on at these wonderful events…

I will do my best to cover both of these event’s and look forward to ending the year in style….

Higher, Faster, Longer…………………..   Stavros.