More fat is added to the cooking.. Pig’s, as the member’s of Cazaux prepare supper for the 30 teams waiting patiently to start the 2012 Drag’s Cup….

The French “BMS” warning has prevailed over and around the Bordeaux area of France for the last two days, preventing any racing on the inviting Lac Cazaux. This “Bulletin Meteo Special” forbid’s PRO’s all over France from holding International Regatta’s when the wind is forecast above 25kts… So even if local conditions “may” allow for some sailing/racing all insurance would be cancelled and the organising committee may even go to Jail !!!

So our PRO Yeves Leglise, despite his every effort, has been forced to cancel racing for a second day. However, the evening entertainment continue’s at full speed so following the wine tasting and the Ham dinner served last night, we now look forward to some more wine tasting & a seafood evening at 7pm.

Tomorrow the forecast is for sun and 12-17 kts of breeze, so with a start time moved forward to, Yeves and his team will aim to complete an 8 race programme over the next two days on this fantasic fresh water lake……

Higher, Faster, Longer…………..   Stavros.  (GBR 767)

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