“RocknRolla” Boy’s Alexsey, Dmitry & Andrey of RUS 76 Win race 1 of Cannes Grand Prix.

During my 25 years of Dragon Sailing in Cannes I have never seen snow, apart from on the Ski Slopes during the annual Ski-Vol in January. Yet this week it’s been cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey :-).

Cannes Grand Prix Day 1, sailed in very cold conditions with around 8-10kts of breeze.

Yesterday two races were sailed, but today it was simply not possible.  Although there were a handful of sailors “keen” to go and face the elements, the majority breathed a sigh of relief when all racing for today was cancelled. The wind was too strong and the chill factor was more like Sir Ernest Shackleton experienced during one of his three expeditions to the Antarctic… 

A little Snowman in Cannes, proves it was extremely cold on Monday…   OMG.

However, despite 10 teams deciding to not participate, there were 43 hardy teams on the start line yesterday for the first race that was won by RUS 76 helmed by Dmitry Samokhin, crewed by Alexsey Bushuev & Andrey Kirilyuk.

Although race 2 was shortened after the 2nd beat because the wind began to die, it still gave the fleet another race which may prove crucial by the end of the week and the current forecast. Race 2 was won by GER 1170 helmed by Marcus Brennecke, crewed by Olympic Legend Jochen Schumann & Ingo Borlowski.

Marcus Bennecke and Jochen Schumann win race 2 and lead overall.  (Previous photo)

Marcus Brennecke had already recorded a 4th in race 1 so now leads overall. In 2nd place is Abersoch’s Mike Budd who launched his new V6 two days ago with his top sailing friend Mark Greaves. This newish team into the Dragon Class have a wardrobe full of National Championship Titles which include Squibs, SB 20, Melges 24, J 80, RS 400, Laser and 1720’s..  They were joined yesterday by Petticrows owner Timothy Tavinor, because their regular crew was stuck at Heathrow Airport back in the UK! However, a steady 10th place followed up by 2nd in race 2 was enough to keep them ahead of 3rd overall SUI 318 on count back…(both on 12 points).

GBR 818 2nd Overall after 2 races, Tim Tavinor, Mark Greaves & helm Mike Budd.

Currently in 3rd place (as mentioned) is SUI 318 “1 quick 1” helmed by Wolf Waschkuhn, crewed by our current World Champions, Andy Beadsworth & Simon Fry. Wolf is now the proud owner of a Petticrows V6 and the name comes from one of my past comments (which in fact originated from Irelands Robin Hennesy) 1 quick 1 and then we will drink the next 4 slowly 🙂

So now, as we all huddle together and try to avoid freezing to death, our fingers are crossed for more racing tomorrow …   

Higher, Faster, Longer………..    Freezing in Cannes   Stavros.

Thanks to Elena Razina for her lovely photo’s 🙂