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The Podium Teams Winners ITA 79 (Left) Vittorio Zaoli, Andrea Zaoli & Yevgeni Braslavets.  Middle IDA Chairman Gerard Blanc (Presenting). 2nd ITA 50 Marco Andrea Gerbaudo, Davide Ortelli. Andrea Totis & Camila Michelini. (Right).  Missing were 3rd overall GER 11 Christoph Toepfer, Markus Koy & Michael Koch.

19 teams had 3 fun sailing days racing in both the East & West Bay’s of Cannes from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th Jan. This truly was a Friendship Cup sailed in a good atmosphere both on and off the water. Dragon’s were berth at Port Canto whilst some refurbishment work is carried out at Yacht Club de Cannes which will be completed in May.

Everyday teams returned from the sunny waters of the Mediterranean to be treated back in Port Canto with refreshment, beers and champagne. All 19 teams enjoyed getting back onto the water and completing 6 races in total over the long weekend and soon forgot the missed sailing days of previous winter series which lacked or had too much wind.

YCC Volunteers offer refreshments & drinks back at Port Canto after racing each day  :-)

It was great to see new teams joining the Dragon Fleet and one in particular was GER 11 the PCT boat from Markus Brenneke now owned & helmed by Christoph Toepfer. Not only did Christoph enjoy his first International experience but he and his top crew of Markus Koy & Micael Koch made the podium (3rd) a really tremendous start.

The event was won by ITA 79 Yevgeni Braslavets, with the Zaoli Brother’s, Vittorio & Andrea. Although they did not have it all their own way, in the end they ended up decisive and worthy winners. In 2nd place was the 4 person team in ITA 50 helmed by Marco Gerbaudo. His crew are also quite formidable with Ladies ex 420 World.Champion Camilla Michelini on board and also coach Davide Ortelli who also works for Zaoli Sails.

So all 3 podium teams have huge experience and skill which means the rest of us will have to try even harder next time! There was also good performances from FIN 97 helmed by Olympic Medalist Jouko Lindgren who finished 4th and SWE 404 Karl-Gustav Lohr who finished 5th. A special mention also to our IDA Chairman Gerard Blanc for not only organising this excellent regatta but also sailing himself into 6th position overall …   A “Top” result for our Chairman.

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Super weather in Cannes at the weekend for the “Friendship” Cup with 19 teams participating.

Finally my thanks to YCC’s Karine and to the PRO plus all the other helpers and volunteers who made this regatta so enjoyable. I’m sure all 19 Dragon’s will return in March and in April for the remaining Cannes Winter Series, plus a few more new teams that have also recently chosen to base their boats in this picturesque location….

Higher, Faster, Longer…….  Stavros.     GBR 818 “True Story”