SnoopySmiles all round for GER 1140 “Smaug” Nicola Friesen, Frithjof Kleen & Vincie Hoesch.

It was a long, long day of magnificent sailing on Day 3 of the Grade 1 “Juan Carlos Trophy” in Cascais, as 2 more races were completed in wonderful conditions. Even though the sailors did not return to the Club Naval de Cascais until the sun was setting, not one of the 45 top teams were complaining, especially not on board GER 1140 as they won the first race of the day in style. Nicola Friesen took full advantage of her winter training in Cascais as she calmly increased her lead to win race 3 of the competition. Nicola told me “When I first started sailing with Vincie he was always saying up or down or lower or higher…Now its more quiet so I know I must be doing something right” 🙂  In hot pursuit was GBR 761 “Jerboa” with Gavia Wilkinson-Cox, Mark Hart & Phillip Catmur who finished 2nd to back up their 5th in race 2.


2nd place Gavia Wilkinson-Cox who made it a “Ladies Day” race, another excellent result.

Race Officer Jose’ Cansella set a great line for both races by putting 10 to 15 degrees “bias” at the Pin end. This tempted some sailors to start further down the line, whilst others opted to go right from the beginning and head for the favoured right side. One team that had an excellent day recording a 3rd & 5th was GBR 803 “Gorgeous Worgeous” who opted to start both races from the middle of the line, proving that all it takes is getting a good transit and being positive with your game plan.


3rd was GBR 803 helmed by Quentin Strauss, crewed by his brother Simon & Nigel Young.

I spoke with Simon Strauss after racing he told me “We started both races in the middle of the line and tacked when we had the opportunity. By judging the starboard lay-line correctly we managed to round the top mark first on one occasion and were extremely pleased with our 3rd & 5th results today”. Very well done gentlemen, I’m pleased to see your Match Race participation has sharpened your skills and general tactical awareness.  Mind you Quentin has won the Dutch Nationals for the last 2 years so he is well used to winning big races at the highest level…


TUR 1212 “Provezza” won race 4 of the Juan Carlos to take the overall lead in Cascais.

Deciding to hold a second race yesterday was certainly the correct call as we now have 4 completed races, with 2 more possible today. Making the most of the consistent wind in race 4 was sailing team “Provezza”, who really powered into a commanding position. Helmsman Andy Beadsworth told me “We were able to tack immediately off the start line because the nearest boats to us on our windward side were 2 or 3 boat lengths shy of the line. This gave us the opportunity to head into the favoured right side and chose a good lay-line”.  Of course there is a lot more to winning a race at this level than getting a good start, but with his crew of Simon Fry and Ali Tesdiker, this experienced team now lead overall and will be tough to beat.


2nd in race 4 was GBR 780 “Louise” Grant, Kasper & Theis, who followed up their victory in race 2!

Adding another excellent race to their score sheet was GBR 780 “Louise” helmed by Grant Gordon, crewed by top Danish crew Kasper Harsberg & Theis Palm. Grant is now well focused on his Dragon sailing after spending a great deal of time last year cruising around the world on his 70′ yacht.

Another “Round the World” Yachtsman is top Dutch Sailor Pieter Heerema, who has amazing just competed in the famous “Vendee’ Globe”, the single handed non stop around the world race! Not only did Pieter finish in great shape but he has jumped straight back into his NED 412 “Troika” (a Pedersen & Thuesen Dragon) and is right up at the front of the fleet, quite remarkable.


NED 412 “Troika” Pieter Heerema, with Lars Hendriksen & George Leonchuk, 3rd in race 4.

Pieter’s 3rd in race 4 now puts him 4th overall and when the discard kicks in today, makes him one of the teams who can still lift this prestigious title…

Leading the Corinthian Sailors is SWE 385 “Still Crazy” helmed by Stefan Winberg, crewed by Fredrik Brotell and Markus Largerquist. Stefan is no stranger to these waters as he competes in all the winter series program and has chosen to live in Cascais playing Golf most days… who can blame him ?


Top Corinthian Team, “Still Crazy” SWE 385 Stefan Winberg, Fredrik Brotell & Markus Largerquist.

So now we go into the final day with 2 more possible races. There is a strong easterly wind blowing as I type these final words and anyone from the top 7 or 8 boats can still win! Watch this space to see who will lift the 22nd Juan Carlos Trophy and set down their “marker” for the World Championships taking place in June….

Higher, Faster, Longer………………..    Stavros.