get-attachment (17)Jan Bakker helms “Decibelle” NED 402, crewed by his Son’s, Dominic & Olivier..

Day two of the “Tune Up” event in Medemblik, saw the wind start promisingly enough, but sadly died away to nothing by 2pm. However, one race was completed as this time there was no general recall, just an individual recall.

This allowed the 28 boat fleet to complete a full course of three upwind legs and two runs, giving the “cream” time to rise to the top…. On this occasion it was GBR 789 (Bear), for this regatta “No Dramas” helmed by Chris Larson from America who, in his very first Dragon event, eventually won the race.

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Chris Larson helms GBR 789 across the finish line, to win Race 3 of the “Tune Up” event.

Now although Chris Larson maybe new to the Dragon Class, he has already won no less than 8 “One Design” World Championships!! In fact his crew Simon Fry is not far behind him with 6 World Championships…….  So when these guys passed you yesterday, don’t beat yourself up too badly as they know something about the game 🙂  It’s great to see that our wonderful class is still attracting more and more “Top” sailors from all over the world….

In 2nd place yesterday was RUS 76 and 3rd GBR 758. Both Dmitry and Klaus are beginning to show the form that has gained them world recognition. With Klaus having been Black Flagged in race one, he and his top Professional team of Andy Beadsworth and Jamie Lea are hoping for a few more races today so that a discard can be implemented. Since winning the Worlds in Weymouth last year, Klaus took some time out, but now he is refreshed and back in the game so this team must be one of the favourites for the Gold Cup next week..  Like wise Dmitry Samokhin crewed by Andrey Kirilyuk (who was runner up at the Worlds), and Aleksey Bushuev are also up for the cup..

Meanwhile slipping along nicely is DEN 332 helmed by David Holm. Counting a 2, 14, 2, sees David, crewed by Bo Selko and Jakob Groth currently in 2nd place overall, just ahead of Dmitry. However, still holding onto the lead are the “In Form” Bakkers, NED 402…  who with the “clubhouse” lead, must be still favourites as with the weather forecast I have seen today, we will be very lucky to get one more race completed, even with the advanced start…

get-attachment (15)Overall leaders, NED 402 “Decibelle”, Jan Bakker, Dominic Bakker, Olivier Bakker…

Another superb photo from our “Ace” Professional Ricardo Pinto !!!!!!!

Higher, Faster, Longer…………..   Stavros.  (GER 1102).