RP_150507_GPGuyader_3198 (2)A Large & Competitive Fleet are expected to return to Douarnenez in 2016 for the Grade 1 event.

Our Four  European “Grade 1” Events for 2016 are receiving an exciting new “Make Over” in order to bring more consistency and fun to these top International Dragon Regatta’s. Each 4 day event will have 8 races, 1 discard, sailing full Windward Leeward courses, (3 upwind, 2 downwind leg’s).

Bringing in a “Standard” set of Sailing Instructions (with a few local changes) will mean that Sailors spend more time racing and less time waiting  🙂

Cannes will “Kick Off” the new format next February (24/27), followed by Cascais in April (7/10), Douarnenez in May (4/7), concluding with Kuhlungsborn in June (22/25). Each regatta will have an excellent Race Management Team offering everything Dragon Sailors wish for… Yes it is Xmas Folks…..

For those sailors who were disappointed in Douarnenez last time, we have some excellent news….  Our International Race Officer Philippe Faure (who did a brilliant job for us at the Worlds in La Rochelle), will be running the event making sure he sets these “Full Length Courses” in the middle of the bay! There will also be a “warm up” day on May 3rd offering some practice races and a general fun day to get the proceedings up and running for 2016.

AUAE 20 “Desert Eagle” winners from 2015 will be in Douarnenez to defend their title…

In closing can I wish all of my “die hard” Blog reader’s a Very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year…   My wish for 2016 is great sailing for all, please try to support our Europeans in St Petersberg and the Gold Cup in Hornbaek. (Both events will be of the highest Race Management Standard and not to be missed).

May you all Sail….   Higher, Faster, Longer……      Stavros.