The Beautiful Bay of Douarnenez, is ready once again to receive as many Dragon’s that wish to participate….. With 37 already registered for the Coupe de Bretange and a full 60 boats for the main Grand Prix Guyader, the numbers are yet again proof that sailors consider this to be Europe’s number one racing venue. From the moment you arrive in this usually quiet town in Northern France, the importance of the Dragon’s is paramount to the running of this huge event and Annie with many helpers are ready to welcome one and all.

For those amongst us that plan to come back in August for the 2013 Gold Cup, it will be a double treat of ultimate sailing, socialising and above all… fun!  But for all those here now experiencing the warm sun and warm French hospitality, have a great time, see you on the water.  Daily reports to follow.

Higher, Faster, Longer………………   Stavros.