RUS 76 Dmitry Samokhin, with Andrey Kirilyuk & Aleksey Bushuev lead overall so far…

With just one more Grade 1 (Nov 11th-14th) to go the competition to finish in the top 20 is going to be electric in November at Puerto Portals…   Sailors must compete in this last Grade 1 to stand a chance of making the “Finals” which will also be held in Puerto Portals 15th & 16th Nov, immediately after the Grade 1.  This is the first time the IDA have linked all 4 Grade 1’s together, as top Dragon Teams from all over the World battle for the Sami Salomaa sculptured bronze model “Flow”… and the title of 2019 Dragon European Cup Champions in our 90th Anniversary year!

The winner takes it all…. (well for 1 year anyway) this magnificent bronze trophy “Flow”.

The final 20 will also include a percentage of Corinthian Teams… leading the Corinthians at the moment is SWE 389 helmed by Karl Kustaf-Lohr, currently in 17th position. Hot on his heels are Martin Palsson, Tanja Jacobsohn, Philip Dohse and Xavier Vanneste all keen to make the finals…

The top 20 boats will have 3 or 4 fleet races on day one of the finals, with just 10 teams progressing to the second day. Then Quater-Finals, Semi-Finals & eventually a Final race between just the top 4 teams to see who will be crowned the Champions. It’s all happening in the Dragon Class my friends… Get yourself over to Palma de Mallorca to join in the fun….  🙂

Higher, Longer, Faster….   Stavros.

Dragon European Cup Series 2019 – Provisional Results After Three Regattas

Sail NoHelmBoat NameFRAPORGERPtsPos
RUS76Dmitry SamokhimRocknrolla641111
NED412Pieter HeeremaTroika833142
SUI311Hugo StenbeckSophie Racing529163
RUS27Anatoly LoginovAnapurna1075224
GER1205Otto PohlmannMeerblick1694295
FRA428Gery TrentesauxBande a Part1488306
JPN56Peter GilmourYred15132307
RUS35Victor FogelsonSunflower291715618
RUS34Vasily SenatorovTo Be Continued241139749
GBR820Grant GordonLouise Racing31899310
POR84Pedro Rebelo de AndradeMercury16899611
GER1170Marcus BrenneckeCameleer48969912
GER1162Stephan LinkDesert789710313
MON2Jens RathsackJeanie1258910614
FRA420Stephane BasedenOutlaw13158911715
GER1207Nicola FriesenKhaleesi19891412216
SWE389Karl-Gustaf LohrHightimes20891612517
GER33Tommy MullerSinewave2893712818
ITA77Evgeny BraslavetsBunker Prince9893012819
SWE375Martin Palsson5I1227891212820
SUI313Dirk OldenburgFree32891013121
SUI318Wolf Waschkuhn1Quick125891813222
GER1186Tania JacobsohnGoldkante11893413423
GER1151Philip DohsePuck IV34891113424
BEL82Xavier VannesteHerbie89262213725
RUS31Mikhail SenatorovIntegrity45892015426
ESP71Javier ScherkGunter89108918827
GBR769Martin PayneMars89118918928
GER1058Kai-Michael SchaperSabine IV89891319129
POR83Pedro Mendes LealNeptune89148919230
POR56Miguel MagalheesPeggy89168919431
HUN57Ferenc Kis-SzolgyemiJohanna17898919532
GER1184Reemt ReemstsmaCaroroo89891719533
IRL201Martin ByrneJaguar Sailing Team89188919634
GER1203Maximillian DohseRocco S18898919635
SUI315Rennie MillerDignity89198919736
UAE9Jan WoortmanSapphire89891919737
POR58Henrique Costa e SilvaMaria 389208919838
NED411Charlotte ten WoldeOlinghi89218919939
RUS98igor GoikhbergZenith21898919940
GER805Felix OehmePink89892119941
POR81Jahvarn KnightScaramouche89228920042
FRA391Jean BregerUlysse22898920043
BEL88Guy CelisWhite Pearl89238920144
GER77Ingo EhrlicherDottore Amore23898920145
GER1218Helmut SchmidtKleine Brise89892320146
POR47Manuel RochaCatarina III89248920247
GER1069Ralf DoeblerDelphi89892420248
POR66Pedro BeckertDrago89258920349
GER1087Dirk RoseDirty Harry89892520350
FIN83Jouko LindgrenLisa26898920451
GER981Tilmann KrackhardtHaudrachen89892620452
BEL83Peter De GryseCogito89278920553
GER922Tobias BrinkmanSloop John B89892720554
POR50Diogo DinizArtic Tern89288920655
FRA421Alain LathioorRevolte28898920656
GER1167Hans BehrPanic89892820657
IRL206Jonathan BourkeCloud89298920758
GER1044Horst-Wilhelm StrohScarabeo89892920759
EST16Mikhel KoskPort Artur30898920860
FIN91Sami SalomaaPaloma31898920961
GER1055Axel WildeSkugga89893120962
GER19Thomas BrauneFanTomas89893221063
SWE390Per GabrielssonKatala33898921164
GER996Gunther Krober50 Deg North89893321165
GBR761Gavia Wilkinson-CoxJerboa35898921366
SUI341Urs RuppliAlefanz89893521367
LAT3Anna BasalkinaAvelat36898921468
AUT277Stefan Deschka89893621469
FRA409Gerard BlancTsuica37898921570
GER1196Wolfgang BaysCasaar89893821671
GER1134Olaf SternelHunting Duck39898921772
NED305Bram de WildeDawn40898921873
RUS6Alexander Schmid89894021874
GER16Dirk PramannIngrid89894021875
GER1120Nikolai Alexander von StempelBlue Pik89894021876
FRA423Etienne LafonGinkgo41898921977
FRA430Bruno JourdrenCorto 542898922078
SUI291Yves GaussenNew Skin43898922179
DEN233Lars BroenHotlips44898922280
FRA403Didier CunyAdrenalin46898922481
GBR633Ron JamesFei-Lin’s Flirtation47898922582
DEN404Klaus RasmussenFlawless48898922683
FRA412Stewart ReedIrina49898922784
SUI322Walter J ZuercherGitane Eight50898922885
EST7Taavo TennoChimaera51898922986
SUI296Justus KniffkaAriston89898926787