10 boats competed in Tallin for the Estonia Open Championships June 21-23.

8 races were completed in the Gulf of Tallin with a variety of light and very strong winds. In the end it was the Russian Team sailing GBR 408 “Johanna” helmed by Dmitry Bondarenko, crewed by the experienced Vadim Statsenko & Aleksander Shalagin who came out on top recording 5 race wins.

GBR 408 “Johanna” Dmitry Bondarenko & his team make a committee boat start in Tallin.

In 2nd place overall was EST 12 “Otium” helmed by Mihkel Kosk, crewed by Pearu Pold & Markko-Rollin Podra all from Estonia. Mihkel told me “It was a great event with sailors from Russia, Estonia, Sweden and Latvia. We continue to build the class here in Estonia and hope to encourage more sailors to join us in the future”.  I once competed in the Europeans in Tallin and can back up Mihkel’s claim that it is a super place to sail, the people are friendly and very competitive and certainly know how to enjoy the party’s.

2nd overall EST 12 “Otium” Mihkel Kosk, Pearu Pold & Markko-Rollin Podra …

In 3rd place was EST 5 “Sparwen” helmed by Estonian Malti Sepp, crewed by fellow Estonian Alexey Zigaldo & Sweden’s Bjorn Hansen. This team also had one race win (as did EST 12) and finished on 17pts, just 2pts behind the runner up. But there was no doubt about the winning team who finished with just 7pts..  Extremely well done to Dmitry, Vadim & Aleksander in GBR 408.

3rd overall EST 5 “Sparwen” Malti Sepp, Alexsey Zigaldo & Sweden’s Bjorn Hansen.

The event was hosted by the Kalev Yacht Club, Tallin and these excellent action photo’s were taken by Aleksandr Abrosimov Photography. (check out more photo’s from Aleksandr on Facebook).

The three Top Teams on the Podium, EST 12 (Left) GBR 408 (centre) & EST 5 (right).

For more details on joining the Dragons in Estonia and the project to acquire more Dragons, then speak to Mihkel Kosk (who also finished 3rd in the Ice Yachting Europeans) !  

All Eyes Now Turn To the Germany Grand Prix in Kuhlungsborn Next Week !

Our next Grade 1 event will be in Kuhlungsborn, Germany 3rd to 6th July.  This will be number 3 of the IDA Grade 1 Cup and we already have 40 Dragons registered. So if you are still thinking about shall I go or not ?  Then I would encourage you to make the trip. We have an excellent Race Management Team in place and Kuhlungsborn is a wonderful place to visit.

Come and join us as teams battle for a top 20 spot (counting the best 3 results out of the 4 Grade 1’s) the Sami Salomaa bronze sculpted trophy “Flow”, will be awarded to the winning team of the 20 boat Finals in Palma (November).

The ultimate prize “Flow” will go to the winning team of the Grand Prix “Finals”.

Higher, Faster, Longer………   Stavros.