HG teamMihkel Kosk, Viljo Vetik & Niklas Jansson win the 2k event in Hong Kong.

After the 8 teams had completed a total of 42 races over 3 days, the winners of the Hong Kong 2K event went to the smiling Estonian Team who had flown out directly from Cascais to join in the fun… 🙂

Mihkel Kosk, the winning helmsman, told me “For the last two weeks it’s been a big learning curve, it’s never easy but it’s always good fun.  Thanks to all those who have looked out for us, we have had a great time”.

The event organiser Tam Nguyen, explained “The final 10 races saw Team Racing at it’s very best, which moved all the overall rankings around. So it was never over until the Fat Lady Sings”… Tam added “Amazing job from the Race Committee and Umpires to complete 42 races in just 3 days”…


The winning team at prize giving receiving their awards, great back drop of the city.

Overall Results : 1st Mihkel Kosk. 2nd Dmitry Samokhin. 3rd Wouter Ten Wolde. 4th Brieuc Lebec. 5th Tam Nguyen. 6th CY Seah. 7th Marc St-Laurent. 8th Bram van Olphen.


With teams from Holland (Wouter Ten Wolde) Russia (Dmitry Samokhin) and of course Estonia all joining the 5 teams from Hong Kong it made for a great International Party..

Many congratulations to Mihkel and his team, who will now be one of the favourites for the next “Dragon” 2K event in Venice during October……or will last year’s Venice Champion Dmitry fight back ?  🙂

Higher, Faster, Longer………………   Stavros.