Good morning from day two of the 2011 Dragon European Championship in Boltenhagen.  The good news is that its not raining.  The bad news is that its overcast and there is no wind so we have a postponement.  The Race Committee will make its next decision at noon so we’ll update you after that.

Last night the crews enjoyed a great Bavarian Party here at the regatta centre with lots of Bavarian beers and wines and traditional Bavarian foods (who knew there were so many ways to serve sausage!).  It was a great evening with a Bavarian band playing in the main hall and warm enough weather to allow us all to sit outside well into the evening.

I’d like to say a special thank you to the wonderful BMW drivers who are shuttling everyone around the site.  Twice now I have finished work long after their service has officially stopped for the day but on both occasions one of the drivers has volunteered to take me back to our apartment. Thank you guys for the excellent service.  I’m also very impressed with how young BMW drivers are these days as you can see from our photo here (pity they don’t do that model in adult sizes – it would be perfect for nipping about regatta villages).