Cannes,   Cascais,  Douarnenez  and  Kuhlungsborn…

Many improvements have been made to our 4 Grade 1 Regatta’s for 2016 !!

Each event is over 4 days offering 8 races with 1 discard…….

Every race will be a “Full” Championship Course, 3 up winds & 2 down winds, finishing line beyond the Top Mark….

Races can be caught up & also moved forward if weather forecast predicts too much or too little wind.

Postponed Races will be signalled early ashore allowing for more freedom & less hanging around!

The New “Coach & Support Boat” regulations to minimise advantages and level the “playing field”..

More Prizes for Corinthian Sailors to attract Younger & Non Professional Teams.

A standard set of SAILING INSTRUCTIONS so that each event has exciting continuity.

Make sure you join in the “Fun”…………..  :-)

Higher, Longer, Faster……….    Stavros.                IDA Sailing Co-ordinator.