RP_150329_Sanremo_3060Sergey Pugachev, Markus Wieser (helm) & Georgii Leonchuk the Winning Team in UAE 7..

It was an exciting final day/race in San Remo as only a few points separated the top few boats overall and the wind decided to turn 180 degrees around and blow from an easterly direction. This meant that instead of tacking at the committee boat end of the line and heading for the shore, a good start was required in order to hold your lane and continue along the coast line. Those of us that started at the pin end (inc UAE 7 Markus Wieser), could soon see that as we progressed in towards the cliffs we were making gains on boats that had tacked out to sea. Markus chose his tack wisely making sure he covered the fleet, those of us that stood on longer GBR 585 & SUI 313 made a good gain but in fact over-stood the windward mark !! However, it was not too bad as UAE 7 rounded 1st, followed by UAE 20, then SUI 313, then GBR 585.

Meanwhile overall leaders RUS 27 had been somewhat forced out to sea and were desperately trying to get back in touch with Markus, knowing their title hopes were fading fast. But their chance was soon to come as the second beat was shortened and moved to starboard and because the new “Yellow” mark was not easy to see the lead 4 boats all over-stood it by a country mile! This allowed RUS 27 helmed by Anatoloy Loginov their chance they began to make inroads into Markus knowing they had to finish a close as possible, however try as they may, their fantastic 4th place was not quite good enough as Markus managed to maintain his lead taking the gun and with it the overall Championship.  UAE 20 “Desert Eagle” helmed by Henrik Witzmann battled hard and also deservedly kept their 3rd place overall.

RP_150329_Sanremo_8382 (640x426)

The winners power to victory in the lumpy seas off San Remo…(Photo by Ricardo Pinto).

In the Corinthian division, I was delighted to see the team from Sweden racing “Little Hook” take the title, helmed by Olle Johanssen, crewed by Patrik Salen and Frederik Cygnaeus.  They sailed a most consistent series always at the front end of the fleet, counting scores all in the top 10 to finish 5th overall ! A well deserved Championship for this excellent team…

RP_150328_Sanremo_7272 (640x426)

Corinthian Champions..”Little Hook” rounds the top mark as Olle looks back at the fleet !!

RP_150329_Sanremo_3028 (1) (640x428)  Olle Johanssen, Patrik Salena and Fredrik Cygnaeus receive their Corinthian Prizes.

With Anatoly Loginov 2nd and Henrik Witzmann 3rd, it was top Italian Boat ITA 56 “Cloud” helmed by Giuseppe Ducca, crewed by Pedro Andrade and Vittorio Zaoli who finished 4th overall, but more importantly win the Italian National Title..  Giuseppe is seen below at full concentration up wind..

RP_150329_Sanremo_8637 (640x426)Top Italian Boat.  ITA 56 “Cloud” Giuseppe Ducca, Pedro Andrade & Vittorio Zaoli.

In closing I would like to congratulate the Yacht Club of San Remo for organising such an excellent regatta. Although we lost one day through lack of wind they completed 6 races over three days in some stunning weather..

Higher, Faster, Longer……………   Stavros.    (GBR 585).




more to follow………   Stavros.