IMG-20160519-WA0000Great racing in Torbole’ from former years overlooked by the magnificent Mountain’s.

This October (4-7) the final Dragon Grand Prix Grade 1 event of 2017 will combine with the popular 13th Hans-Detmar Wagner Cup on Lake Garda, Italy.


Torbole’ has a tremendous reputation of being “The” place to sail as conditions are almost perfect every day due to it’s geographical position at the North-West end of Lake Garda. The “Ora” is the most constant and famous wind which begins in the first hours of the afternoon and lasts until the evening. It reaches Torbole’ from the south after running through the whole length of the lake. Then in the evening the “Peler” blows from the north and is more of a permanent wind as it can last well into the morning which allows for some early morning races when required. So that is why Torbole’ is an ideal sailing location and has seen Dragon racing at it’s very best over the past 12 years!

DSC09482cn_Panorama (640x426)A wonderful photo taken in 2015 by Christopher Nordhoff, from Germany looking South.

So why not make the trip to join in the fun and top competition whilst experiencing this wonderful setting on this beautiful lake which rests 220 feet above sea level…  You will not be disappointed 🙂

Higher, Faster, Longer………..       Stavros.