Some of the Dragons being towed out as the Gates “Open” in sunny Deauville June 19-22.

16 Dragons made their way to Deauville and enjoyed 4 days of racing in sunny conditions with light to medium winds on the clear blue waters flowing past the golden beaches of this beautiful Normandy Town in Northwestern France. 


Towing out to the race course & Eric Lebon with crew Jo Elliot, Muriel Requet-Barville, & Luc Barbier. With Linkers sponsors Philippe Delecourt & Michele Fine.

With Monsieur Eric Lebon running the show and “Linkers” the main sponsor a fantastic time was had by all both on and off the water. The Deauville Yacht Club’s members and volunteers are always so friendly and helpful it’s a pleasure to spend time in and around the Club House that soon will soon enjoy new premises in May 2020.

Overall Winners GBR 633 helmed by Ron James, crewed by Julia Walsh & Nigel Young.

7 races were completed over the 4 days and in the end 3 teams were separated by just 2 points.  Winning the event for the 2nd time (previously in 2009) was GBR 633 “Fei-Lins Flirtation” Ron James, with his wife Julia Walsh and North Sails Nigel Young who finished on 22pts. Many Congratulations to this amazing couple who first raced Albacore dinghies together for many years then for the last 21 years have taken their beautiful cold moulded Borresen Dragon (built in 1998) all over Europe. True “stalwarts” of the class.

2nd Overall was GBR 792 “PageBoy” helmed by Paul Taylor, crewed by Clive & Graeme Page.

In 2nd place on 23pts was GBR 792 “PageBoy” helmed by Paul Taylor, crewed by Clive & Graeme Page from the Royal Corinthian, Burnham. Then in 3rd place on 24pts making a most excellent comeback to racing after suffering a stroke 3 years ago was Richard Davies representing the Royal Thames Yacht Club, London crewed by Martin Payne & Nigel Cole. Richard owns the beautiful cold moulded Petticrows “Flotation” GBR 790, built in 2001. 

3rd Overall GBR 790 “Flotation” Yours truly with helm Richard Davies & Nigel Cole.

It was an absolute pleasure to sail with Richard and Nigel at this super friendly regatta. Richard is full of enthusiasm and determined to keep sailing despite some loss of feeling on his right side. He is a true inspiration to us all and a shinning light within the class….. To finish on the podium was the icing on the cake. Congratulations my friend.

Dragon event’s need Sponsors, so thanks again to “Linkers” Philippe & Michele, with Eric.

In his winning speech Ron thanked the President du Comite’ Patrick Villette, the sponsors Linkers and all Deauville Yacht Club members for 4 days of non stop enjoyment. He thanked his wife Julia & crew Nigel “for pointing him in the right direction” and said “that whatever the outcome of “Brexit” GBR 633 will definitely return to Deauville next year” and looked forward to celebrating the opening of the new Yacht Club premises, adding “although we are all very happy with the current building!”

Top French Team & 4th Overall was FRA 390 Philippe Rossignol, many congratulations.

Dates for the Linkers Open Deauville in 2020 are Sat 20th – Tues 23th June.

“Merci” Monsieur Lebon….  and a special hug to Muriel Requet-Barville.

Higher, Faster, Longer……….      Stavros.    (GBR 790).