The fleet of the Gazprom International European Dragon Championship, which is being organised by the Yacht Club Sanremo, was greeted today by excellent weatherconditions with a bright sunny sky and steady westerly breeze.

The first race of the day began in a steady 10-knot westerly. The first boat over the finish-line was Agtivists of Germany (Philipp Malte, Michael Kurtz, Thorsten Imbeck), followed in second by Bunker Queen, also of Germany (Marcus Wieser, Sergey Pugachev, Georgii Leonchuk), with the Russians of  Annapurna (Anatoly Loginov, Vadim Statsenko, Alexander Shalagin) in third.

The Race Committee then started the second race which was won once again by Agtivists, followed by Bunker Queen and the Danes of Debutant (Lars Hendriksen, Kleen Frithjof and Anders Bagger).

The provisional overall standings after five races are as follows:

1.     Debutant (Denmark): Lars Hendriksen, Kleen Frithjof and Anders Bagger – 15 points
2.     Agtivists (Germany): Philipp Malte, Michale Kurtz, Thorsten Imbeck – 16 points
3.     Bunker Queen (Germany): Marcus Wieser, Sergey Pugachev and Georgii Leonchuk – 20 points
4.     Bunker Boys (Ukraine): Yevgen Braslavets, Igor Sidorov and Sergiy Timokhov – 25 points
>5.     Cloud (Italy): Giuseppe Duca, Jean Sebastien Ponce and Vittorio Zaoli – 32 points.

The complete standings are available on line at:

The last day of racing in the Gazprom International European Dragon Championship is tomorrow, Saturday, March 29.

The nations represented:

A total of 23 nations are represented: Antigua, Australia, Austria, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, Norway, Holland, Portugal, Russia, United States, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and Hungary.

The event partners are:

The Gazprom International European Dragon Championship is being staged in partnership with Gazprom International and BMW (main partners of the event), and Paul&Shark, Transbunker, Ulysse Nardin, Pantaenius Yacht Insurance, Comune di Sanremo, Royal Hotel Sanremo, RegioneLiguria, Casino di Sanremo, Gruppo Cozzi Parodi.

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