Although there was very little wind in Cannes yesterday it certainly turned into a “Hot” day for three British Dragon’s. By the time the 36 boat fleet was released from the Old Harbour of Cannes it was nearly 3.00pm and realistically only a possibility of one race. This one race was again won by GBR 761 “Jerboa” helmed by Gavia Wilkinson-Cox, crewed by Mark Hart and Nigel Kaula from Cowes. Playing the left hand side of the first beat, Gavia and her team led from start to finish to add pressure to the two overall leading Russian boats RUS 27 and RUS 31. With Anatoloy and Mikhail recording a 7th and 4th respectively, the whole regatta will be decided today.

Also flying the British Flag and “flying” around the race track was GBR 375 “Blue Haze” helmed by Ivan Bradbury who finished 2nd yesterday and moved himself up to 4th overall.  3rd in yesterdays race was another British boat, GBR 633 helmed by Ron James who also pushed hard left on the first beat. In fact they went so far left that it took them the other side of the Light House that is situated 2 miles from the Island. Unfortunately DEN 266 Frank Berg was not so happy on the left as they “hit” the rocks that surround the Light House !!  Always wondered why the Light House was there 🙂

So with one race, possibly two, to go the top 5 boats are:

1st RUS 27,  2nd RUS 31,  3rd GBR 761,  4th GBR 375,  5th GBR 789.

Higher, Faster, Longer………    Stavros (GBR 789).