GER-1112Hasso Plattner GER 1112 rounds the windward mark in good shape on day 2 in Chiemsee..

With the wind eventually filling in on Lake Chiemsee at around 2pm yesterday, the PRO was able to complete 3 more races of the German National Championship, sponsored by Audi. The racing was close and exciting and with the upwind leg only 0.5 mile in length, there were some interesting mark rounding’s and tight finishes. GER 10 helmed by the local, legendary Vincent Hoesch and crewed by Tim Tavinor and Peter Liebner, won 2 of the 3 races to put pressure on the overall leader GER 1112 Hasso Plattner. But Hasso kept his cool to record a 4th and a 6th to lead on 16pts.

Its interesting to note that as well as Hasso’s normal crew American Pete Alarie, also in the boat is ex Star World Champion (2006) Hamish Pepper from New Zealand. When I asked Hamish what he thought of his first outing in the Dragon Class, Hasso commented “What ! Is this your first time in a Dragon?” Obviously Pete forgot to mention that to Hasso before the event, but whatever Hamish is doing, it’s working, so keep it up boys!

Hasso added “Cheimsee is ‘Dragon Country’, flat water, beautiful snow capped mountains, with just an Island in the way” 🙂 With just 2 more races to go and a 7pt lead over both Vincie and GER 1013 Peter Froschl, Hasso and his boy’s are in with a good chance. Peter has also been sailing very consistently, using his own sails and crewed by Hermann Andreas and  Marcus Fosel they have every chance of keeping their podium position.


Peter Froschl and his team in GER 1013 are currently 3rd overall on 23pts.

So my friends, with 2 more days to go and only 2 more races required to complete this 7 race series Championship, it looks as though it’s now between three boats, out of the fleet of 49.  GER 1112 16pts, GER 10 23pts, GER 1013 23pts.

Higher, Faster, Longer……….   Stavros.  (GER 1102).