IMG_1033 (320x240)Marc Pickel, Tommy Muller and Vincent Hoesch top the scoreboard with a 1st & 3rd..

Racing  in the “Coupe de Bretagne” eventually got underway yesterday in a light Easterly wind that had crews sitting out to leeward to maintain any boat speed up wind. Despite these testing conditions it’s always curious that the “same old” names seem to wriggle their way up to the front of the fleet…. perhaps they are just good, of course they are !!

Making the best of the left hand side of the beat was RUS 76 Dmitry Samokhin who was trying out a recently built “Doomernik” Dragon on loan for this first series. Meanwhile, from the right, current World Champion GBR 758 Klaus Diederichs and former World Champion GER1133 Tommy Muller were hard on their heels especially after rounding the top mark as the boats tried to keep speed by sailing high with their spinnakers well sheeted downwind. Although it looked like Dmitry would take the winners gun on the shortened second upwind leg, a final “luff” by Klaus and his experienced team of Andy Beadsworth and Simon Fry, on the finish line gave them the victory!

It was a move that meant the Genoa had to be furled at precisely the right time and it was…….. So GBR 758 won, RUS 76 was 2nd and GER 1133 3rd.

20140504_203625 (320x180)


The reward for the winning GBR 758 “Fever” Team, was Oyster’s and Entrecote’  :-)

The 35 boat fleet then had to be patient and wait for the wind to turn 180 degrees to the west before racing could resume. It was a very sensible delay and the President of the Committee’ de Course, Jean Gabriel Le Cleach was “spot on” with his experienced judgement. When the race eventually started after one general recall GBR 761 Gavia Wilkinson-Cox made an excellent start from the PIN end and sailed almost clear of the fleet. The only boat she had to “duck” after tacking and crossing the fleet on port, was Tommy.

Yes, GER 1133 SINEWAVE, helmed by Tommy Muller and crewed by Marc Pickel and Vincent Hoesch made an excellent start from the middle of the line and held onto their starboard tack to gain a clear advantage. Despite some pressure from FRA 396 Remy Arnaud, who took the lead on the second upwind leg, it was Tommy and his team who won the race, with Remy 2nd and Gavia 3rd.  In fact it nearly turned into a “Lottery” at the final “Hooked” turning, where for this SERIES ONLY the committee elected to finish the boats on a tight reach, which enables them to record the numbers easily. As a group of 5 boats battled for the “inside” berth at the left hand gate mark, Tommy and his team who had gybed away then managed to sail “around” the pack keeping his ever brighter spinnaker flying all the way… Well done boy’s.

So after two races it is GER 1133 1st, GBR 758 2nd and RUS 27 3rd…

Two more races today, so watch this space…  Full results on IDA Home Page.

Higher, Faster, Longer……….    Stavros.   (GER 1102).