Heading to Travemünde!

Already almost 40 entries for the Dragon Grand Prix Germany. RACING WITH 9 OF THE INTERNATIONAL TOP 15 INCLUDING INTERNATIONAL TOP 1, 2, 3 & 4 7 OF THE GERMAN TOP 10: + SPECIAL DRAGON DOCK + beautiful RACEAREA +++

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We look forward to welcoming you to the Grand Prix Germany as part of the Travemünde Week! We are looking forward to a Grand Prix full of excitement, challenges and incomparable sailing experiences on the beautiful Baltic Sea.

In July, the Lübeck Bay of Travemünde is known for its wonderful thermal breeze, in the evening there will be cool beer on the jetty and we would also like to organize a program for each evening with a barbecue party and of course a dragon dinner.

Thanks a lot to our sponsor: @yanmarmarine

More Infos: https://www.drachenklasse.de/gp-travemuende-drachen/

Sail with us at the Grand Prix Germany! See you there!