HSK Club House where the 2018 Gold Cup will be organised in a few weeks time!

Boasting an overall area of 7.7 hectare’s the Helsinki Sailing Club is well able to host the prestigious Gold Cup this year from July 20th to 28th. With 64 boats already registered and a wonderful sailing area 3.5 miles from the marina, all is set for a memorable event. This sailing area was also used for the 1952 Olympics !

Today I had the pleasure of meeting some of the organising committee after a pleasant night at the Clarion Hotel where many of the visiting sailors will be based, just 5mins by R.I.B or 10mins by road from the Marina.

The 4 star Clarion Hotel where many of the competitors and International Jury will stay…

The event has principle sponsors Gurit (who specialise in Advance Composites) to thank along with a variety of “daily” sponsors for making this unique championship happen.

Teuvo Hyvonen (Finnish Fleet Captain) with me, Rudy Jurg (Gurit Sales Manager) & Ted Grondahl (Vice Commodore HSK).

The HSK still has the original “Olympic” podium from 1952 to honour the top 3 teams at the end of the week for both Professional and Corinthian, along with Daily Prizes.  This historic podium has been kept in excellent condition since Helsinki hosted the Summer Games 66 years ago!

There is still time to join in the fun if you want to be a part of History…  Ferries run hourly from Tallin, plus daily from Sweden, Denmark and Germany.  Why not make the effort to visit and enjoy this amazing part of the world where sun never sets and the fun never stops….

Higher, Faster, Longer……………   Stavros.