Many congratulations to Marcus Wieser, Matti Pashen and Sergy, in UKR 7 for winning the 2011 Gold Cup. Consistency is the name of the game and although this well run event was reduced to the bare minimum of 4 races, Marcus remained very focused on the last day, whilst his main rivals and indeed the top 4 boats managed to all self-destruct in some way!

In my last write up I was convinced the winner would come from one of the four boats who all were below 10 pts going into the final two races, but the Gold Cup format of no discard can really bite you in the bum if you just make the smallest of mistakes…. Firstly, GBR 744 Tim Tavinor tried to start at the Pin End, got a little late on the line, had to bail out ducking the fleet and finished 40th (Game Over). However Tim, Pedro & Thomas in “Tigger” had a great two weeks and their 9th place to add to the Belgium National Title is still excellent.

GER 10 Markus Brenneke on the other hand, thought he along with his “Bavarian Dream Team” had made a good first race, only to see their name on the dreaded OCS Blackboard at the completion of the race. So up went the spinnaker and an early return to the harbour was their decision, pity the cranes were not booked to arrive till 4.0pm …….  🙂

Then 3 times winner of the Gold Cup, Jorgen Schonherr DEN 401 also made a poor start in the first race of the last day and could only recover up to 26th position. Remarkably he bounced back to win the final race of the championship, but this would only give him the runners up spot. The the winner and holder from 2010 RUS 27 Anaotoly Loginov had one of those “nearly but not quite” days, which saw them just squeezed out of the top 10 in both races thus having to settle for the final podium position of 3rd place, still very good!!

Another team that sailed brilliantly over the four races was GBR 720 Graham Bailey and his wife Julia who actually were probably nearly leading overall going into the final race, but an unusual 19th place cost them dearly… However, they did go home not only in 4th overall but also winners of the prestigious “Corinthian Trophy” (awarded to the first Non Professional Crew). So very well done to this impressive Isle of Wight team…

Many congratulations to the Belgium Dragon association for hosting the event and keeping spirits high amongst all the sailors despite the three lost windy days, the PRO Henry Antoine did very well to complete the series and a good, fun time was had by all. Well done to Peter, Lou and all the Helpers..

Well that’s another Gold Cup over for another year and all team’s can now look forward to next September and KINSALE in Southern Ireland, where the Guinness flows, the restaruants excel in fine food and the Irish hospitality is second to none… Yes Kinsale is a truly wonderful place to sail and visit, so make a note in your 2012 diaries and be there…

Higher, Faster, Longer……..  Stavos  (USA 310).



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