Great conditions in Bodrum for the Grade 1, photo’s by Cigdem Yurtsever.

As we reach the half-way stage in the first IDA Grade 1 of 2023 there has been some very close racing amongst the 11 teams enjoying wonderful sailing conditions in Bodrum. I spoke with IRO Nino Shmueli who gave me the following round-up of day 1 : “The first race was a little shifty with winds average 7 to 9 kts from 135 degrees. One boat was over (SUI 318) but went back and fought hard to regain a regain a good position during the race (they actually finished 4th)”. TUR 212 “Provezza Blue” won race 1, GBR 819 “Fever” was 2nd and TUR 50 “Borga” was 3rd.

TUR 212 “Provezza Blue” Won race 1 helmed by Orhan Tuker, with Ersin Ozkan & Kivanc Sevinc.

Nino continued “We started a 2nd race in lighter winds, but had to abandon after 10 mins due to a 45 degree shift to 180. We restarted the race with a new wind, clear start and no other issues. GBR 819 was the stable boat recording two 2nd places”.  Race 2 was won by TUR 1212 “Provezza”, 2nd GBR 819 “Fever” and 3rd was SUI 318 “1 Quick 1”.

Winners of Race 2 TUR 1212 “Provezza” Andy Beadsworth, with Simon Fry & Arda Baykal.

On day 2 Race Officer Hakan Kutuk explained that the race course was outside the Island and race 3 was started in wind of 10 to 12 kts. For race 4 the wind increased to 20+kts and there were bigger waves on the course. Both races were around 90 mins and the hope is for more races to follow.

Race 3 was won again by TUR 1212 “Provezza”, 2nd was GBR 819 “Fever” and 3rd SUI 318 “1 Quick 1”.

Another 2nd place for Klaus Diederichs in race 3. With Jamie lea & Diego Negri.

With the wind increasing for race 4 it was SUI 318 helmed by Wolf Waschkuhn sailing with Charles Nankin and Joao Vidinha who made the best of the stronger conditions to finally take the victory. 2nd was  TUR 1212 and 3rd TUR 212.

SUI 318 “1 Quick 1” wins race 4 as the wind increased to 20+ kts.

So after 4 races sailed of the series it’s TUR 1212 “Provezza” Andy Beadsworth, Simon Fry and Arda Baykal who hold just a 1 point lead ahead of our current World Champion Klaus Diederichs helming GBR 819 “Fever” crewed by Jamie Lea and Diego Negri. In 3rd position just a further point back is SUI 318 “1 Quick 1” Wolf Waschkuhn, with Charles Nankin and Joao Vidinha. It could not be closer at the half-way stage!

More to follow……..        Thanks again to Cigdem Yurtsever for the excellent photo’s…

Higher, Faster, Longer……   Stavros.