Herva, Theis and Pieter collect their Petticrow Prizes from Stavros.´

After three exciting days of Match Racing Pieter Heerama from Holland finally took the title after a fantastic final against Klaus Diederichs, here in Cascais. On Sunday 6 Dragons were towed out to meet the famous North Westerly wind that often increases as the day goes on, as all 9 teams needed to complete a full round robin before semi-final places could be established. With the wind settled the 3 flights were started and some truly great Match Racing began, unfortunately a small collision in one of the flights saw two masts interlock. With minor damage to these two boats and the wind increasing with rising waves it was decided to return to complete the races near to the Estoril shore and flatter water.

Then yesterday with just a few flights of the round-robin to complete, Cascais proved once again that it has all the ingredients for superb yacht racing, with sun, wind and a cloudless sky. 4 teams emerged with 5 wins from their 9 races and so the semi-final places were set. As group leader on countback, Martin Byrne from Ireland elected to race against Pieter Heerama, whilst Vilamoura’s expert Filipe’ Silva took on Klaus Diederichs….  Both matches were started in the most perfect conditions and close circling began as each boat fought to gain control of their opponents. As each semi-final is the “best of three” races, Heerama went through to the final after beating Byrne 2-1. Then Diederichs also recorded a 2-1 victory, only to be informed by the International Umpire that a “hard contact” in one of the pre-start maneuvers, would lose him 1 point. So a 4th and final race was required, which Diederichs also won.

The final was simply just one race as time was limited, but it was fought well with both Heerama and Diederichs having even advantages during the pre-start. At the starting gun honers seemed to be shared, but Heerama who was the leeward boat just managed to force Diederichs away and he had to tack. Both boats nearly tangled with the 3rd and 4th place race that was going on between Byrne and Silva, but Heerama had done enough to lead at the top mark and despite all Diederichs efforts it was Heerama who took the gun…  Silva beat Byrne in the losing semi-finalist race to take 3rd place overall.

At the prize-giving Pieter Heerama and his team of Theis Palm and Herva’ Lamour were awarded beautiful “Half-Model” Dragon’s made and donated by Petticrows. A very special prize to keep and a Match Race event not to be forgotten…………..

Higher, Faster, Longer………….   Stavros.

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