The first race of the Coupe de Bretange started at the second attempt today, in a 8-10kt westerly wind. The 33 boats were recalled after the first start, then the Black Flag got everyone’s attention and a clear start was called. The four boats that started well, down at the pin end, soon picked up a nice lee bow as the current began to ebb from Douarnenez. These four boats HKG 55, GBR 761, RUS 6 and GER 11 all got a good jump on the fleet and were able to cross everyone by a considerable margin when they tacked onto port in close to the shore. Indeed HKG 55 helmed by Tam Nguyen had good speed and height to hold a comfortable lead at the top mark, ahead of RUS 6 and GBR 761.

On the first downwind leg, POR 55 Jose’ Matoso made a gain to be in contention by the gate, as did GER 11 Marcus Brennecke, but GBR 761 Gavia Wilkinson-Cox and RUS 6 Alexander Shmid both played the left corner of the second beat again and were able to keep the rest of the pack at bay.  In the end it was HKG 55 that held onto his lead, RUS 6 following in with 2nd and GBR 761 3rd. So a great start for Tam sailing his beautiful wooden decked Doomernik Dragon, recording his first win on the International Circuit, congratulations also to Theis Palm and Christian Rasmunssen his excellent crew….

Tomorrow there will be two races, the first planned for 11.00am, with a further two more on Monday. Tuesday see’s a “lay day” before ANOTHER 27 boats join this fleet for the Grand Prix Guyader.

Higher, Faster, Longer…………….    Stavros   (GER 1102).