Yes Campers, sorry to publish yet another “Stavros” picture, but yesterday with a lot of help from my Portuguese crew, Rui Boia and Ricardo Pinto (Nono from Vilamoura stood in on the last day), I (Martin Payne) won the Prince Henry the Navigator Trophy in Vilamoura.. My boat Hombre is a Petticrow 2008 which started it’s life as ANT 10 in Antigua, owned then by Ted Fort OBE. It returned to the UK and was re-registered as GBR 769, and was raced by Ted up in Abersoch at last years Edinburgh Cup. After sailing very well Ted decided to sell the boat as his interest is mainly in racing his beautiful Petticrow Cold Moulded Dragon. So now as the proud owner¬† I have added Hombre to my small fleet……. ūüôā

Flanked by Rui Boia (left) and Nono (right), I hold the magnificent Prince Henry the Navigator Trophy which was presented by the Vilamoura Marina President. Moments after this shot, the top fell off but was caught by Rui’s foot¬†so did NOT quite hit the floor!

In 2nd place overall was POR 56 Miguel Magalhaes, crewed by Diogo Lacerda (left) and George P Mello (right).. Miguel helmed his Petticrow “Peggy” very well thoughout the 8 race series…

In 3rd overall was NOR 282 “Finito” helmed by Vilamoura expert Filipe’ Silva (left), crewed by¬†Jose’ Paulo Ramada (middle)¬†from the Dom Pedro Hotels, in Vilamoura and Ricardo Magalhaes (right).

Vilamoura is a truly wonderful place to visit on the Algarve in Portugal. For those of you who would like to join this event next year, it will take place again in the middle of April directly after the Europeans in Cascais…. So why not make a plan now to spend a few weeks in 2013 soaking up¬†the early sun¬†that Portugal offer’s year after year………..

Higher, Faster, Longer………¬† Stavros.¬†¬† (Hombre’)

P.S. Now all roads lead to Douarnenez and the “Biggest” Show of the Year…..¬† The defending World Champion Lawrie Smith will be there to¬†compete in¬†this magnificent anual event. So many top sailors will be there from all over the World…¬† Will you ??????¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Keep reading for Daily Reports¬†& Interviews, Hot from the “Race Track” from Fiona & I..