IngtoGER 1068 Ingo Ehrlicher, with Markus Wieser & Thomas Auracher lead after 5 races..

Three more races were completed this afternoon in Torbole, Lake Garda and GER 1068 has taken top spot after 5 races…  Yes, Ingo Ehrlicher is leading this very competitive fleet after winning race 3 followed by two 3rd places.  Crewed by the “famous” Markus Wieser (who recently won the Maxi Worlds) Ingo has a great team which also includes Thomas Auracher.  When I first met Thomas we shook hands, he was above me on a Dragon in the trailer park…  I was on the ground..  As he grabbed my hand he lifted me up! :-)

Yes, not easy I know, but that is Thomas..

Meanwhile, the winner of race 4 was once again GER 1177 Pedro Andrade… who is most certainly on a roll this year after winning Kuhlungsborn, Cowes & the European Championship in Thun… well done my friend.

PedalowGER 1177 Pedro Andrade, Charles Nankin & Sergio Lambertenghi win Race 4 in Garda.

Then our Principle Race Officer, Carmelo Paroli, decided to squeeze in a 5th race which was an excellent decision as the Ora afternoon wind was still holding.. On this occasion it was GBR 375 “Blue Haze” helmed by Ivan Bradbury who set the early pace and led at the top mark.

IvantopmaekGBR 375 leads around the top mark in race 5. Ivan Bradbury, Lars Hendriksen, Frithjof Kleen.

In fact this top team managed to hold onto their position throughout to win the race and provide some consolation for their UFD result in race 3. Basically the middle of the course was paying, with many place changes throughout the day. Tomorrow the forecast looks more of the same, so hopefully we will see at least another two races for this excellent fleet…

Rock&RollA “Rocknrolla” day for RUS 76 Dmitry Samohkin, Andrey Kirilyuk & Alexsey Bushuev. 3rd Overall.

So overall after 5 races, Ingo Ehrlicher leads, from Pedro Andrade & Dmitry in 3rd..

Lets see what tomorrow brings…..

Higher, Faster, Longer………….    Stavros.

p.s. I would like to thank both Christopher Nordhoff & Timmy Tavinor for the photo’s..