What an amazing night!  Tonight Simon and Juanita Brien hosted an amazing party at their home here in Cultra.  We opened with Pimms in the garden before moving onto their “boathouse” for an incredible BBQ supper.  After supper the entertainment got underway with a great local band whose first set went down a storm.  While the band took a break Simon presented the daily prizes and, after a little persuasion from Olaf, our very own stand up comedian Stavros took to the floor to regale us with his favourite stories about the one and only Denzil.  Although we did record quite a bit of his performance sadly none of it is fit for rebroadcast here.  Surfice it to say that Stav was on flying form!

Highlight of the evening was definitely a stunning performance by Simon’s daughter Jessica who is without doubt an outstandingly talented singer. Check out our video blow of the final section of her rendition of Amy Winehouse’s Valerie (sorry – she’s tiny so you can hear here but not see her through all the dancers – trust me she looks as great as she sounds!).