20150618_112231 (360x640)This Magnificent Irish National Championship Trophy will be won by the best team competing in Dublin Bay this week at the Irish Nationals, hosted by the National Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire.. The trophy was restored 5 years ago by Tommy Muller (Germany) after suffering a few dents and bruises from typical Irish Celebrations of previous winners! (The cup that is not Tommy)..  🙂

Yesterday in a north easterly 10 to 14 kt  oscillating wind, two races were completed with 18 teams from the UK and Ireland fighting hard to gain every edge possible. In race 1 the team in “Bear” Martin Payne, John Mortimer & Matt Walker took an early advantage and held on throughout the shifting conditions to finish ahead of “Phantom” helmed by Neil Heggarty, crewed by Peter Bowering and David Williams.

In race 2 a slightly longer race in an ever changing wind meant choosing a side of each beat could win or lose the race. Indeed it was “Little Fella” the team from Kinsale, Cameron Goode, Simon Furney and Henry Kingston who made a huge jump on the 2nd upwind from the right to hold a comfortable lead by the final stages. However, “Little Fella” could not cover both sides of the bay and “Zu” helmed by our IDA Secretary Tim Pearson, crewed by Coner Grimley and Charlie Bolger took the left side which proved to be the winning side! Many congratulations to Tim and his team….

Today will see two more races and everything to play for….

Higher, Faster, Longer…………….    Stavros.